About Vivre

We like nice things. We thought to build a company starting from this. Vivre is a start-up launched in Romania in April 2012 with the aim of creating an online destination for quality and good taste. We are looking for worldwide for products that inspires us and we offer them to you at affordable prices.

We are young but full of experience. Vivre is backed by a team of over 10 years working in retail, logistics and e-commerce. Promising to apply everything we learned to change the conditions in which Romanians consume design. The Vivre's aim is to give the customer more and more, better, beautiful.

Monica Cadogan - CEO Vivre Deco

"Every time I think of Vivre, my heart leaps for joy: it is art,smile and yet serious. Ideas and objects that speak, that's how I would define the design."

Monica Cadogan
CEO Vivre Deco